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Practical business ideas for single moms

Image source: careeraddict.com

Image source: careeraddict.com

Being a single mother is an extremely challenging role. Aside from making sure that your family is safe and healthy, you also want to give them everything they need to have a financially comfortable and worry-free life. While many tend to focus too much on work but failing to play an active role in the household, others have found a way to create the perfect balance between the two.

If you want to spend more time with your family while still being able to earn a steady income, read on and discover some of the top business ideas for single moms.

  1. Online Selling

The Internet lets you connect to millions of people around the world and you have to use this medium to your advantage. How? By setting up an online buy and sell business.

Basically, a buy-and-sell business follows this two-step procedure: buy low-priced bulk items and resell them at a much higher price.

You have to be strategic in choosing your products and you also have to learn the fundamentals of running a business from the actual buying of supplies to shipping and customer service. Start small and let your optimism do the rest.

  1. Mobile Day Spa

If you’re a fan of beauty and relaxation, then a mobile spa business is perfect for you. The good thing about this business is you can offer your services like massages, facials, hair-and-makeup, and others, all from the comfort of your home.

Your market can include fellow work-at-home moms or even professionals who just want to have a break from a busy week. You can also offer home services for clients who are not physically capable of getting themselves out of their house because of an illness or disability.

  1. Pet Sitting Services

This business option is ideal for animal lovers especially if you, too, have pets at home. With your experience and dedication to take care of these friendly creatures, you’re good to go. Imagine getting paid while spending the best time with cute and playful furry customers?

Most pet owners are busy professionals who would regularly pay for pet sitting and dog walking services. Most of the time, pet sitting services accept hamsters, rabbits, birds and even fish to their care.

Another related business idea is also setting up a shop for pet care products and accessories and offering them to your regular clients.

How social entrepreneurship can potentially change the way we do business

In business, everyone subscribes to different definitions of success. While most of them focus on the growth of their enterprise through strategies on how to earn more, others have found a whole new sense of purpose that not only made them good entrepreneurs but also socially responsible members of their community.


Image source: studyinsweden.se

Image source: studyinsweden.se

According to Stanford Social Innovation Review, social entrepreneurship utilizes specific business models to help in the development, funding and implementation of solutions to different environmental, social, and cultural issues around the globe. However, unlike non-profit organizations that depend on donations and generous financial support from private individuals or foundations, a for-profit social enterprise expects a return on investment to ensure the survival of their business.

But this new way of doing business while making the world a better place doesn’t come without challenges. For instance, identifying the most reliable business models that can fit the vision and objectives of a particular social enterprise can be tricky.


Image source: youinc.com

Image source: youinc.com

A 2008 book published by Harvard Business School Publishing have identified three strategic models of social entrepreneurship: the leveraged non-profit, hybrid-non-profit, and social business venture. All of these three models have one goal of responding to social needs but the differences among them lie on how they use their financial resources and direct their funds to make a difference whether to support a specific community or to help sustain other smaller businesses and operations.

Undeniably, social entrepreneurship can potentially change the way we do business and just like other enterprises that have started to give something back to the community, many of them have successfully developed their business while representing their stand on the issues that they care about.


Image source: hbr.org

Image source: hbr.org

Some of the world’s top social enterprises focus on the environment, local workforce (such as farmers and artists), small manufacturers, and digital systems. While they may still be developing, they have great potential to become big brands in the future.