When it comes to spicing up the house, the ones which get the most attention are usually the bedroom, the kitchen, or the living room. Peppering them up is important and all, but the garage needs some loving as well. Despite being entrusted with the very important job of holding the family’s much needed tools and beloved cars, they mostly go unnoticed, ending up as a clutter of abysmal proportions. So when it comes to sprucing up the garage, not only does it need to look neat, but everything needs to be smart and functional as well.


One great way to free up space on the floor is to install a ceiling storage system. All the person needs to do is assemble the flanges, mount them on the ceiling joists, and slide in storage bins of the right size. Since the objects stored will be placed way up high, heavy materials should not be placed within the bins. Christmas ornaments and camping gear however are just perfect.



Image source: wonderfulengineering.com


Most garages are used as workspaces, but one of the most common problems that homeowners face is that there is nowhere to put the workbench. So why not create one that is mounted to the wall and can be folded when not in use?


While inside the garage, car doors are prone to banging on the wall if they are opened carelessly. Those can leave some pretty nasty scratches. To prevent them completely, pool noodles will do just the trick. Wooden bumpers can also prevent bikes from getting knocked down or parking too far in.



Image source: impressiveinteriordesign.com


In residential real estate business, the garage constitutes one of the fundamental facilities of any ‘good’ property. Majority of Americans own a car or two and having a space for their vehicle is definitely a must. Furthermore, those who take their garage’s design seriously often get the best deal for their property. Interestingly, some of the world’s most successful companies started off as garage-based businesses (read: Amazon.com, Apple, and Disney).