Small and tiny living spaces have become a trend nowadays not only for the economic practicality that they offer but also for the uniquely comfortable experience that these home owners can enjoy. Downsizing your home isn’t that easy unless you know the basics especially when it comes to providing your stuff proper storage spaces. However, many have proven that it’s possible to build your new tiny home and still have even more than enough space than an ordinary house.



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If you don’t know where to start, these clever and space-smart ideas for tiny homes will help you build the most practical and unique house without sacrificing your comfort.


  • Closet-stairs combination

One of the features of a tiny home is the smart combination of closet and stairs. Utilizing the space under the stairs and turning it into a closet or drawers for your other stuff can be stylish if you combine different shapes and a variety of colorful knob designs.


  • Storage cubes and unlimited drawers

Kitchen, bedroom or even tiny living room spaces can be cleverly converted to provide practical and stylish storage units. Colorful drawers, cubes and dividers will do the trick.


  • The magic of curtain rods

If you want to maximize your kitchen space, curtain rods are all you need. The secret is this simple home device’s functionality and organization. For instance, it can help you to stack cans on their side instead of putting them on top of another. Plus, this set up enables you to take them out easily.


  • Vertical kitchen storage

The kitchen is always at the heart of any food-loving owner’s home. It’s important to have the right tools and equipment but how can it be possible for a tiny house? Simple. Make it practical by going vertical. Vertical storage tricks make it easy to organize kitchen tools and it won’t take up so much space.



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While these hacks can make a huge difference, it is still in the innovativeness of the overall housing design that homeowners can feel more empowered. The rising urban population means that space in cities is getting scarcer, hence the need for residential units that can efficiently use spaces. Such trend is increasingly common amongst real estate developers, especially in congested cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, and even New York. It’s one of the many ways in which the real estate industry is able to innovate, and therefore, make it more appealing to both buyers and investors.